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Bunions (hallux valgus), flatfeet and toe disorders

Mr Bennet can offer assessment and treatment for all childhood and young adult foot and ankle disorders.

Bunions (also known as hallux valgus) is a deformity involving the big toe and 1st metatarsal bone. We will arrange weightbearing xrays and then talk you through your treatment options which may include surgery, although we normally try non-surgical treatments first.

Flatfeet are common and generally are described as a foot shape that lacks an arch or instep. A broad spectrum exists from feet that are painfree and flexible but just a bit flat, to those that are stiffer, more painful and occasionally associated with other conditions such as a tarsal coalition. Careful clinical assessment is usually enough to make a disanosis but occasionally xrays and CT scans are recommended. The majority of patients with painful flatfeet do get better without surgery and treatment will consist of physiotherapy and often orthotics or insoles too. Mr Bennet is experienced in multiple different surgical treatment options for flatfeet.

In toeing and out-toeing are terms used to describe the position of a childs feet when they walk or run. Often when its mild and symmetrical, this can just be part of a spectrum of normal development. Commonly, in or out-toeing can by due to a torsional deformity, or twist, in the shin bone (tibial) or thigh bone (femur). The commonest form of intoeing is when the thighbone points quite far forward at the top and children feel more comfortable turning the hip inwards- this is known as ‘femoral anteversion’. This normally improves or ‘untwists’ with time and growth but occasionally when its still problematic after about age 10 surgery may be recommended to ‘derotate’ the bone.