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Bow-Legs and ‘Knock-Knees’

These conditions describe the shape of a childs legs when viewed from front on and is also known as ‘varus’ or ‘valgus’ limb alignment. Careful clinical and Xray assessment is required to get the right diagnosis, or cause of, the deformity.

In growing bones, we can often perform minimally invasive surgery know as ‘guided growth’ with an implant know as an ‘8-plate’ (link This allows a gradual correction over time. Careful review after surgery is needed as you have to take the plates out at the right time to avoid too much over correction! Sometimes guided growth is not appropriate or possible and so surgery to cut and realign bones may recommended instead (osteotomy).

Funny walks and developmental assessment

Children develop at different times and we understand that parents can feel anxious or have questions about their child’s motor development. Mr Bennet is an experienced Childrens orthopaedic surgeon and can assess funny walks and limps. However, a GP or paediatrician with experience in assessing developmental delay is your best first port of call due to the wide range of possible different diagnoses